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  • How To Save Money on your Building Project; and Get The Most For Your Money
  • How To Save Money on your Building Project; and Get The Most For Your Money

    Always begin with quality pre-engineered steel buildings.

    It never pays to settle for a cut-rate building to save a few dollars. In the end, you will definitely regret buying a cheaply made steel structure.

    A well-made steel building provides decades of useful service. It also enhances the resale value of your property.

    However, even with a top-of-the-line product from a reputable vendor, there are other ways to reduce your steel building construction spending.

    Tip #1: Educate Yourself on Steel Buildings

    Know exactly what you want before you place your steel building order.

    How much space do you really need? Buying more building than you actually need drives up your construction costs.

    Keep unnecessary modifications to a minimum. It saves money, time— and great aggravation.

    Making changes after the order is in the works also wastes time and money. Change orders are not only expensive, but also delay your project.

    Tip #2: Choose Options for Pre-engineered Steel Building Wisely

    Tower Steel Buildings offers many wonderful options to customize and accessorize your prefab steel building.

    steel building options and upgrades include:

    Gutter and downspout systems
    Insulation packages
    Interior wall panels
    Mezzanine systems
    Overhangs, eave extensions, and canopy configurations
    Overhead doors and entry doors in various sizes and designs
    Pipe flashing boots
    Roof and wall vents
    Skylights and wall lights
    Standing seam, architectural, and cool-coated roofing panels

    Determine which options you really need— and which ones you do not. Eliminating unnecessary bells and whistles moderates your steel building costs.

    Tip #3: Plan for expansion beforehand

    Pre-engineered steel buildings are simple and easy to expand— if you plan for expansion in advance.

    First, steel building end-walls should be engineered for later expansion on your order.

    Secondly, locate your building on the lot so that there is plenty of room for later expansion.

    To keep steel building pricing to a minimum on a smaller lot, consider ordering a taller structure. A soaring ceiling allows you to add a mezzanine floor system—now or later—converting your building into a two-story structure and doubling your space.

    However, be sure your foundation contractor knows in advance that you may add a second floor in the future. That way, your foundation is engineered to support a later additional floor.

    Tower Steel Buildings: Leading the Pre- Engineered Steel Building Industry for Decades

    Get the most for your construction dollar; depend on Tower Steel Buildings pre-engineered steel buildings.

    Cost-conscious builders trust Tower Steel Buildings pre-engineered steel buildings for the strongest structure, at the lowest price.

    Designed for an efficient use of materials, Tower steel building kits eliminate waste. You never pay for something you will not use.

    Prefabrication also cuts your construction costs. Tower Steel Buildings customers find our building system trims erection time by about 33% over other building alternatives.

    Call Tower Steel Buildings now at 1-888-892-8815. Discover the Tower Steel difference in steel building pricing and quality. Tower Steel Buildings is truly a building above all others, in both quality, and price.

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