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    Why Are No Prices Listed?

    Sep 10, 2020 by : tsbAdmin 0

    Each and every project we undertake are client specific. No two building projects will have identical pricing breakdowns. A pre-engineered steel building project is detailed, intricate, and ultimately, a multi-step process. With that said, we prefer to work individually with each and every client to customize a steel building project that is unique, and exclusive to them. Our experienced building consultants always customize projects to meet the needs of their clients.

    There are several factors that affect the total cost of your steel building project. All factors are highly variable and differ from client to client. Factors that affect project pricing include:

    -Foundation (Drawings, Design, Installation: typically between $12-$18 per square foot)

    -Erection (typically between $9-$14)

    -Snow and Wind Loads

    -Eave Heights

    -Number of Openings

    -Delivery Location/Shipping Costs (for example: Alberta has a different shipping cost compared to British Columbia)

    In order to provide you with an accurate, competitive quote; these factors must be discussed in detail. Thus, due to the varying nature of these specifications, we can not provide generalized pricing. Call a building consultant today to obtain a fast, easy, competitive quote that is specific to your building project.

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