Erecting Your Steel Building

steel building erection services

Erecting Your Steel Building (Steel Building Erection Services)

Find out how to erect a steel building today!

Our steel building erection services are extensive, but typically you have three options for the erection of your building: If you are less experienced, the best option is to have our in-house construction group erect your building to avoid any serious injuries or damages. Rest assured that our building erection teams are vetted and all have years of building experience & certifications. Alternatively, you can source your own building erector, or you can try to do it yourself. It is recommended that you do not try to erect the building yourself unless you have several years of construction experience.

Erecting your building has 4 main steps:

  Whether it’s a made to order building kit or a turnkey project, there are a few main questions to answer before beginning your metal building project, and some of them are highlighted in our “get quote” form:

  • Erecting the building columns and rafters
  • Installation of purlins & girts (building ribs)
  • Installation of the roof panels and cladding. Insulating the building if required.
  • Adding the trim, gutters, snow guards, liner and other accessories.
  • Doors and openings will be framed out by our Erectors but Tower Steel does not typically install these.


Steel Building Kits as a DIY project:

  If you’re an ambitious DIYer, we’ve got you covered with our easy to assemble pre engineered steel building kits! That being said, there are some things to be mindful of when you’re undertaking the erection of your steel building yourself, such as: 

  • Following the highly detailed assembly instructions exactly, including all safety instructions 
  • Making sure you have the proper safety equipment and tools in general to accommodate a DIY metal building erection
  • Having the correct amount of personnel to help you break down the project into more manageable chunks 


Much like any other construction project, mishandling of equipment or any unprofessional building techniques could result in serious injury and/or death, so make sure you have all of your bases covered! 

 If you’re experienced, installing your metal building right will result in reduced building costs and the long-term enjoyment from knowing you did it all yourself!

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