Steel Building Delivery

Steel Building Delivery

Steel Building Delivery (What to Expect)

Just like any other building project, weather and distance are important factors when considering a timeline for your steel building erection. Luckily, at Tower Steel, we always aim to streamline the delivery process of our building kits so that you’re never waiting too long before you can start the construction of your metal building!

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 Our steel building kits and/or components will be delivered to the site of your choosing, and we can also arrange your building offload for you. That being said, it is important to plan and coordinate your steel building delivery with your erection contractor. No matter who you decide to go with, you are responsible for the receipt of your order, but the contractor will need to verify that everything you’re getting billed for has arrived. Damaged materials or shortages must be noted by the carrier; otherwise no steel building supplier will be held responsible.

Remember, once your building materials have arrived, you are responsible for adequately covering and protecting them, especially if construction hasn’t taken place yet.


Our in-house contractors & construction project manager will manage and help you with every detail of your project. 


Keep in mind that there are two main inspections once you’ve received your steel building shipment:

The unloading inspection, which is performed once your delivery vehicle offloads your building materials.

And the unpacking inspection to ensure that every component highlighted in the design and construction plans has been included in each package.

 Although steel buildings are already an environmentally friendly alternative, at Tower Steel, we go the extra mile and make sure our packaging also reduces waste & protects your building components.

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