Top 4 Benefits of Steel Buildings

Posted by  on Sep 17, 2020
Top 4 Steel Buildings

Top 4 Benefits of Steel Buildings

Consistency and durability are the hallmark of steel buildings, which is why the construction industry defaults to steel. Today we’ll be talking about four of the major reasons:


Cost Effective

The construction of steel buildings end up being less costly than traditional materials for a few reasons, such as: 

  • The metal can be procured and casted at significantly less cost than wood, bricks and cement.
  • On completion, steel structures have metal roofs and are coated with heat-deflecting coatings resulting in the heating and cooling costs being much lower than traditional buildings.
  • Steel buildings are not prone to damage by insects and termites, so the monthly and yearly maintenance cost is much lower



Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio compared to all other building materials, meaning that despite their light weight, steel buildings are an incredibly versatile and durable building solution. In addition, steel building components are 50 % lighter than concrete and wood alternatives which reduces footing and foundation requirements. Normally, 4″ x 3″ base angle is given to steel building foundations further protecting the slab while simultaneously adding strength and stability. Steel building materials are also non-combustible, impenetrable & non-porous ( discouraging mold and mildew growth), and can be engineered to withstand seismic and wind loads. 


Environmentally Friendly 

A wood framed home generates 50 cubic feet of waste on the land where the building is erected. Conversely, steel building kits & materials minimize their environmental footprint. Take a look at this chart provided by our friends at Ecohome:

Environmental impact compared to wood: Embodied energy Climate impact Negative impact on air quality Negative impact on water  Ressources consumed by weight Waste produced
METAL: +53% +23% +74% +247% +14% -21%
CONCRETE: +120% +50% +115% +114% +93% +37%


Traditional homes are also confronted with damages like wood cavities caused by insects, and cracks developed on concrete due to natural disturbances. These damages will often require more wood for repair, resulting in more environmental waste. Meanwhile, metal is non-organic and 100% recyclable, meaning you don’t have to worry about termites munching on your structure or expensive and wasteful repairs. 


Safety and Adaptability 

Steel buildings are earthquake resistant even if quakes occur at a large magnitude on the Richter scale. There is also little to no structural deterioration due to rain or snow on the span of decades unlike wood buildings. Moreover, steel buildings are alterable and the owner can expand an end wall by getting similar framework constructed, whereas with other building materials it would be a far more costly addition. 


This concludes our brief summary of the top 4 reasons to build your building project with steel, we hope this article was informative and persuaded you in not only considering steel but also Tower Steel Buildings!

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  • Posted on 27-04-2022 by Mats Wolff

    Its great when you said that in comparison to all other building materials, steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio. My uncle works in a steel manufacturing company and he wants to hire a steel fabricator. Thanks for helping me learn more about the benefits of steel buildings and I will show this article to my uncle so that he can find a good service for himself.

  • Posted on 25-04-2022 by Shammy Peterson

    I found it interesting when you said that steel is much stronger and more durable compared to wood and other building materials. My husband and I want to start the construction of our custom single-family house probably before June starts. We absolutely want our house to be made of materials that can withstand extreme weather problems, so we will consider a metal building installed.

  • Posted on 30-12-2021 by Luke Smith

    It was very informative to know that steel buildings are quite light but very strong and durable. My dad owns a farm and he’s looking forward on building a barn. Typically, when I think of a barn, I immediately imagine that it’s made of wood. With that being said, woods can be quite dangerous because they are vulnerable to fire. Thank you for your article, I’ll make sure to remind my dad that he should build an agricultural steel building instead.

  • Posted on 12-05-2021 by tammy nash

    I am looking for a quote on this style of building